Invest in NS schools, vote yes on Monday

As someone who has been at nearly every Board of Education meeting over the last three years, as well as a former member of the Board of Finance, I would like to share my humble perspective on the proposal of a new school building project.

Now is without a doubt the time to do this project. We will be getting a $40 million-plus project for $22 million to $25 million due to state reimbursements. Interest rates and construction costs are historically low and our town has almost no debt.

Our schools have been found to have PCBs in them (cancer causing agents). Updates will need to be done, whether this referendum passes or not. If you vote yes, it will cost us less as taxpayers than doing the project piecemeal.

Beyond the dollars and cents there are countless educational benefits. Our 6th graders will be moved back to the elementary school, which is proven to have educational benefits. Our science, technology, and music programs will be state of the art.

When it comes to investing, it is all about timing. There is no better time than now. Please vote "yes" on Monday, June 23.

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