Council of Governments to sign agreement with state for SEAT study funding

The Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments voted Wednesday to authorize its chairman to sign a contract with the state for a grant that will help fund a comprehensive analysis of the Southeast Area Transit District. 

The state has approved the council’s proposal for the study, which would analyze the bus service’s rate structure, facilities, ridership demographics and the region’s current and long-term transportation needs. 

Federal Surface Transportation Program funds would cover 80 percent of the $250,000 study. The state and the council would fund the remaining $50,000 for the study. 

After the council signs the agreement with the state Department of Transportation, the next step would be to hire a consultant for the planning study. 

The state DOT had agreed last year to assume management of the bus district and to pay for the clean-up costs resulting from an oil spill near the district’s Route 12 facility.


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