NL Head Start: Try less fence, more toys

While exploring the neighboring streets after a pleasant night at the Red Roof Inn, I came upon a sign saying TVCCA and a large parking lot in which was a building with "Head Start" in large letters on it. As a former Head Start teacher I was intrigued to explore. As a preschool teacher I was appalled and angered by what I saw: two playgrounds enclosed with expensive 6-foot high chain-link and wrought-iron fencing, yet inside only a scattering of toys, nothing to enhance physical development or promote imaginative play. No climbing equipment, no swings, no balancing boards, no trikes or scooters.

After buying all that expensive fencing, was there no money left for the children? Is New London such a dangerous area that the children have to be protected by 6-foot fencing? I certainly didn't fear for my safety while taking my walk. However, if it is so unsafe, then why is part of the yard only protected by an easy-to-climb brick wall? How thoughtless.

Children require physical activity for normal development. I hope this letter may prompt someone to take another look at the priorities for this Head Start.

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