Support school project and help NS community

On Monday the people of North Stonington will once again vote on the future of the town's public school system. However, this vote does not just affect the future of our schools, rather the future of our small community.

Community is the word that comes to mind when I think about this vote. When I was attending Wheeler High School as a senior three years ago, I was asked to contribute to a focus group regarding the future of this town in which there was a wide consensus that the schools are critical to the foundations of this community.

Schools bring people together around the common belief in the success of their children. A vote "yes" is a vote for community. It is an investment into a future where North Stonington is more than just a zip code to people, it's home.

It gives us all a chance to participate in something greater than we could ever imagine: being part of a living community of neighbors, friends and family. The more support we show for our little school system, the more those three groups start to blend together.

If you are considering voting "no," I encourage you to first ask: What does community mean to you?

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