Reader convinced gift ran afoul of charter

The article, "Montville ethics complaint ignites debate at meeting," (June 10) about ethics complaints against the Democrats on the Montville Town Council missed the most aggrieving aspect of this issue. Brian Lynch is the administrator for the WPCA. His job is to carry out the policies, resolutions, and the budget of the WPCA under the direction of the mayor.

Section 710 of the Town Charter authorizes only the Town Council to make contributions to nonprofit organizations, and if the contribution is more than $1,000, a member of the Town Council must be on the organization's board of directors. That is why the WPCA does not have a line item in their budget for donations, and why they never passed a resolution authorizing Mr. Lynch to make a donation to Project Graduation.

Therefore, when Mr. Lynch wrote that check for $2,500 to Project Graduation he violated Section 708(i) of the Town Charter, the penalty for such action shall be cause for his removal. In most towns, Mr. Lynch would have been fired. However, in Montville, where compliance with the Town Charter is a matter of convenience, he got a free pass.

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