Many reasons to keep N. Ston. schools local

There is a faction promoting the closure of Wheeler High and scattering our children to neighboring school systems. While the items below address logistic and financial burdens, please consider the emotional and academic cost to our children. As a former military child I experienced the pain of relocation. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of scholastic continuity and community support, please do not underestimate the cost to our children and families.


No representation on the board of education.

No control over tuition cost year to year in addition to busing costs.

No guaranteed placement for students to complete their education in one system.

Transportation for after school activities. Between the cost of fuel and conflicting schedules this will prohibit many students from participating.

The loss of home school identity

Loss of our small class sizes.

Reduced home values.

If Wheeler is closed it will not be reopened.

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