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Groton fire district foolishly risks lives

I do not live in Groton, thank God.

What is wrong with the people who serve on the fire district's board? They are out of their minds. Showing poor judgment, they accepted a budget $700,000 less than what they previously had. They are now eliminating nine firefighter positions. What is in the water they are drinking?

This decision will impact the safety of business owners, residents, people who come to Groton to do business and most importantly the safety of the remaining firefighters. They are assuming that all the surrounding fire districts will drop everything and come to their aid. How long do they think this practice will last? I understand that no one wants to pay more in taxes, but what price can you put on your safety and personal property?

I believe that it is time to get rid of the existing board and get new members to serve. To the taxpayers and citizens of the Poquonnock Bridge Fire District, don't wait for a serious disaster to happen before you come to your senses, because by then it will be too late and the price you will pay will be far greater than any tax increase.

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