Bias media downplays gun law opposition

In April 2014, I attended the pro-gun rights rally at the State Capitol in Hartford. It was attended by 3,000-5,000 pro-gun supporters according to Capitol Police. There were about five anti-gun protestors there, although the news media failed to report these numbers. Instead the little media attention that was given, reported that several hundred pro-gun rights supporters were flanked by many anti-gun activists. The Day failed to put coverage of this rally on its front page.

Conversely, it gave the article "Newtown residents among groups marching for gun control," (June 15), front-page treatment.

I am sure we all agree the mentally ill and criminals should not have access to guns. This is where more emphasis should be put. But when laws are enacted that make it a crime that competent people can't possess certain firearms, then only the criminals will have them. If this direction continues, then maybe the group "Moms Demand Action" and their associates can use a soccer ball to take down the next crazed gunman.

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