UPDATE: Former Eastern Pequot chairman to begin restitution payments

Former Eastern Pequot chairman Brian Geer, charged in August 2013 with stealing more than $60,000 from the tribe’s treasury, will start making restitution to the tribe, according to his attorney.

Geer, 48, of 633 Lantern Hill Road, North Stonington, who is charged with first-degree larceny, has been working and saving money and will make his first payment of $2,400, according to attorney Peter E. Scillieri.

Geer had served as the tribe’s treasurer before he was elected as chairman in July 2012 and continued performing the treasurer’s job because nobody else stepped up to take over, according to an arrest warrant affidavit in the case. His sister, Brenda Geer, then the tribe’s corresponding secretary, discovered that the tribe’s two bank accounts had been depleted after receiving notices that the electricity at the tribe’s North Stonington headquarters, called the Long House, would be turned off for non-payment. The sister has since become the tribe’s vice chairman.

Geer, who had worked as superintendent of maintenance at the Wauregan Hotel in Norwich, admitted he used the funds to help support a heroin-addicted woman and resigned as tribal chairman in June 2013, according to court documents. The Tribal Council voted to pursue criminal charges. Geer has been attending court regularly while his attorney tries to work out a resolution of the case with prosecutor Stephen M. Carney and Judge Hillary B. Strackbein.

The judge told Geer Monday that the tribe wants its money and that he should begin making monthly payments while the case is pending if he wants to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. Strackbein reminded Geer that first-degree larceny is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.


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