New London gifted program should be valued

I was glad to see that the New London Board of Education has expanded the gifted and talented program in the New London Public Schools. Gifted students are required to be identified by state law, however, there is no requirement to provide services. New London has made a strong statement that they value all students learning at all levels.

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to visit the Renzulli Pilot Program at Nathan Hale School. Dr. Cindy Gilson, the teacher at the Renzulli School at Nathan Hale, is an amazing teacher. She promotes extremely high levels of learning. I applaud her and Dr. Miriam Taylor Morales for holding all students to very high expectations in the classroom and beyond.

The Renzulli program will go from a Grade 4-5 program to a 4-6 program. This expansion will allow for success across the district. As a past board member, I always supported gifted education as well as a model program that will benefit all students in the New London Public Schools.

Keep the momentum going!

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