School project denial bad sign for N. Ston.

The outcome of the recent vote in North Stonington is both disappointing and sad for the future of the town. I now can fully understand why there are so many people of my generation intending to leave.

Has anyone realized how many homes are up for sale in North Stonington lately? I am lucky to have grown up in a community with strong support that permeated throughout town and through the Wheeler hallways. But the lack of progress this town promotes goes to show the anachronistic mindset of some.

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm as fiscally conservative as they come. But in order to succeed, progress must be made to guarantee success. This lack of progress has led to such dilapidated infrastructure throughout the town that one of the most well-known businesses is an adult entertainment store. North Stonington will continue to be known as the town that people travel through to go to the casino and the town that fosters an adult entertainment store one mile from its school system.

But along with many other town residents, my family will not fall complacent to the status quo.

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