Iraqi people squander America's great gift

I read the continuing tragedy of Iraq's implosion and I am disheartened by the daily barrage from all the "blame-America" folks. As an independent voter, both sides are missing the real culprits - the Iraqis themselves. Regardless of whether we should or should not have gone in there, the fact still remains that the U.S. gave the Iraqis their country back on a silver platter. We vanquished an evil tyrant and his lowlife sons who absolutely terrorized the country for decades. They killed more Iraqis than anyone.

We gave them their country in hopes they would build on that great gift and have a safe and prosperous country for themselves and their children.

What did they do with this great gift? Blow each other up.

It seems that they have proven yet again that a peaceful democracy cannot exist in the Arab world. Is there one? No. Has there ever been one? No. Is this the fault of the U.S.? Most definitely, no. Arab factions have shown the world, repeatedly, all over the Middle East, that they would rather kill each other than cooperate and build for the betterment of all. They do not deserve the gift we bought so dearly.

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