Some super news coming to Groton?

A few years back I wrote about my disappointment concerning Groton rejecting the building of a Super Walmart!

Many complained we would have a lot more traffic, and other issues. Some patrons like myself would rather shop late at night after most screaming and out-of-control children have long since been put to bed!

None of our local grocery stores stay open round the clock, forcing me to shop at Waterford Walmart, and it's an inconvenience and I hate driving over the Gold Star Bridge to begin with. So my other options are Lisbon or Westerly Walmart. So with keeping all that in mind, Groton loses out on getting my business.

To my shock I heard a rumor that Groton was turning the regular Walmart into a Super Walmart. I called Groton Walmart and asked them if what I heard was true. The lady assured me that, yes, they are going to change it over, but it might take as long as a year.

At least my previous letter and prayers have been answered. A very overdue blessing that will help many of us out-of-work people looking for a job gain employment.

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