Norwich Hosp. cleanup is going much too slowly

We all know about cost overruns. If Preston allows the Preston Redevelopment Agency to drags its feet there is no telling how much the hospital property cleanup will cost two years down the road.

As a former combat engineer in the U.S. Army, I remember what our squad did in a year's time 2005-06 in Afghanistan. We built forward operating bases all over the country in record time, with earth-mover machinery, carpenters, mason and electricians, all on a small budget.

The PRA needs to tell their demolition contractor they have one year to clean that property up or they will find a new contractor who can. That property should be one, big flat open area. Those trees should be removed by a logging company.

The money is there, so much they are giving back $200,000! It could be builder-ready in one year with the right people working on it.

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