Obama stuck with Cheney's neocon mess

The disastrous Iraq War began in March 2003 and lasted 11 years. We went to war based on false information and were told it would not cost anything and would only last a few months. We were also told that the Iraqi people would quickly form a democratic government.

All this turned out to be wrong. After 4,700 U.S. and allied troop deaths, tens of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths, and thousands of U.S. soldiers traumatically injured, Sunni and Shiite Iraqis are in a civil war. No matter when U.S. troops left Iraq, the civil war would have begun.

Should we have left U.S. troops in Iraq forever? No!

This is not Obama's mess. It is the fault of neocons like Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and Donald Rumsfeld, who have absolutely no credibility left and should understand how ludicrous it is for them to be criticizing President Obama about Iraq.

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