Diverting highway funds is criminal

Take a look at the history behind the problem plaguing the roads and bridges of this nation, the first thing we might consider is this; what would the government do if a private company misused dedicated funds that people had provided for road and bridge repair? The law of course would provide for arrest, fines and prison.

How about the Social Security system and the money siphoned from that pension system? Same as answer one.

The federal and state governments have abdicated their prime directive in regards to serving the people who have elected them. "They work for us" should be their guideline and "the rule of law" as provided for in the U.S. Constitution their mandate.

This disease affects both Democrats and Republicans, who choose to war on each other rather than governing this, the only Democratic Republic on the face of this planet. Their answer, more taxes. Then there is the continuous cycle of useless wars they generate. Sort of sounds like ancient Rome, only they had better roads.

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