Obama plans brilliant strategy? Probably not

My president is not just brilliant, he is crazy brilliant. While the world is watching his left hand feint appearing feckless by refusing to commit but token American involvement in Iraq's current turmoil, his right hand sleight is cleverly enticing America's arch-nemesis Iran into committing its military, economic and political prowess to champion Iraq's Shiite contingent's effort to arrest nascent Sunni insurgent jihadist attempts to impose their Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

The brilliance of my president's new strategy is that while unwitting Middle-East sectarian elements mercilessly murder, maim and blow each other up, my president's cabal is stealthily regrouping, rearming and remobilizing a pre-positioned war machine imbued with renewed strength and eagerness to deliver unprecedented shock and awe certain to summarily annihilate a weakened and war-weary military whose only support will be dependent on a demoralized refugee citizenry and monetarily depleted victor of that conflict.

Wow! Who'd have thunk? Or maybe I give my president too much credit and his lack of definitive action actually rests in a misguided notion that if he ignores a problem long enough it just may go away.

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