Arguing over team name wastes time

When does our government, during such turbulent times, have time to place upon their daily to-do-list the debate over whether the name of one of the oldest football teams, the Washington Redskins, should be removed is beyond rational comprehension. Think of the time, energy and revenue being wasted, from the water that flushes their toilets to the drops of oil placed upon their office chairs so they don't squeak when working on such important matters.

I'm independent, but if you're left or right, you must see that it's our government attempting to cover up their sluggish and weak attemp at running this nation as a world leader. They're saying, "Yeah, well maybe we sunk the ship, but we saved the bell."

I have seen polls suggesting most Native Americans take no offense to the name. Also, I heard that by removing this name it will stop the Native American adornment that clothes so many of the Redskins fans attending their games. Perhaps this is another government attempt to stamp out Native American ways.

Why doesn't our government hear us?

Steven Birt


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