Jahncke plan serves only wealthy capitalists

As I was reading the op-ed, "Has Gov. Malloy built a union bridge too far?" (June 30), by Red Jahncke, CNBC was reporting in the background that since 1978 CEO pay has increased by over 700 percent while the working stiff has made do with only a 10 percent increase in wages. The admittedly convoluted program from Malloy manages to raise the income for a group of workers at the very bottom of the economic ladder. As such it takes a small step toward rebuilding the hollowed out American middle-class.

Mr. Jahncke tries, but fails, to gain my support by pointing out that as a taxpayer I'm going to foot the bill. I'm glad to foot the bill because when workers have more pay in their pockets they spend more and the economy improves. The added money floating around means that my children will enjoy a larger market for the goods and services they produce. And workers with bigger paychecks will ask less of me in the way of safety-net programs.

I think we can count on Mr. Jahncke to oppose any move that reduces the pool of desperate, struggling people who make easy pickings for capitalists looking for cheap, exploitable labor.

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