Workers should ignore Jahncke's rich blather

The poor and middle-class should not be surprised by Red Jahncke's cheap shot at Gov. Malloy and the labor movement, "Has Gov. Malloy built a union bridge too far?" (June 30). The thought that we should take advice from a Greenwich business consultant on how to treat the working poor is insane. It is him and his cronies who have the country in the shape it is. The right to unionize is a civil right as well as federal law. He would have those who care for the disabled and infirmed on the "Gold Coast" where he lives do it for nothing.

We could argue the way things are done in Hartford but to opine that Malloy is in the pocket of the unions is nuts. He has gotten a pound of flesh from us but did not destroy us. We have paid our fair share through concessions. Jahncke would have his lower Fairfield county crew elect Foley and make us another Wisconsin.

I believe that the union movement is the only chance this country has to revive the middle-class. I must applaud the writer and his neocon buddies for pulling off the strategy that gets the middle-class to blame the poor for their problems. In reality, the enemy lives along the last few exits on I-95 south.

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