Future generations will appreciate this gift

I have been thinking a lot about legacies. Very few people can leave millions of dollars to their children and grandchildren. Only the super wealthy leave behind great art collections or jewels. The truly lucky pass on season tickets at Fenway. In my house the family heirlooms are most likely to be grandma's recipes or a box of treasured photos. So, what can the average person leave behind that is significant and lasting?

Old Saybrook residents have a rare opportunity to join together to leave future generations a precious tract of land, a 1,000-acre forest; an inheritance of great value. Most of us can't leave our grandchildren $3 million, but together we can leave them a place to see box turtles and lady slippers. A wild place where they can find peace and experience the beauty of nature. We can leave them clean water and the promise of protected land. Vote yes July 8 to protect the 1,000-acre forest. As individuals the inheritances we leave may not be big, but as a town, the land legacy we leave can be huge and forever.

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