Linda Krause served our region astutely

We have been blessed by strong and effective community leaders in our region over the years. One such leader recently passed, Linda Krause.

One of her many public roles was that of mayor of the Town of Groton. In that role she volunteered with the regional planning agency, which subsequently became the regional Council of Governments. Linda chaired the planning committee that set the stage for the creation of our regional COG.

She brought an astute, thoughtful and sensitive approach to the creation of COG, which was a huge step forward in regional thinking for this area. Her sensitivity was displayed when she suggested that there should be two co-chairs overseeing the board for the first term, a Democrat and a Republican. This decision turned out to be an important one since there was a significant amount of suspicion and concern about the formation of the regional agency.

I was privileged to serve with her as the co-chair in my position at the time as first selectman of Waterford and I learned a lot from her planning ability and her astuteness.

She was a true community leader and she will be missed.

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