Enjoying the coverage of Morgan's voyage 38

I would like to commend the The Day for its excellent, on-going coverage of the 38th voyage of the Charles W. Morgan. The Day's coverage of the Morgan, including the look into its history, has provided a new understanding of the significance of the ship and its 38th voyage. For years, I took the Morgan for granted as it sat at its berth at the Seaport. What a wake-up call it has been to see this grand old ship under sail and being celebrated as the last of its kind.

This is an event we all can celebrate and for those of us not lucky enough to be walking the decks of the Morgan as it makes its 38th voyage, we are fortunate to have writers such as David Collins and others to give us a first-hand account of the momentous event. Special kudos, too, to Mystic Seaport President Stephen White and everyone associated with the Seaport who executed Mr. White's dream of making the Morgan seaworthy again.

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