Not all disabilities can be seen

After having surgery I was told by my doctor not to drive for a few days. My grandson and his friend drove me to a restaurant in Niantic, and we parked in a space designated for the handicapped.

When we left my grandson assisted me in the car, and a woman came out of the restaurant and spoke to him. I thought he knew her, but when he and his friend got into the car both were upset.

I asked what happened, and he said the woman said, "What are you doing parking in a handicapped space? You should not be parking there, as I don't see anything wrong with you."

He told her it's because of his grandma, and this happens to be her car. I only wished I knew what was happening. There are many young people who are handicapped. Thank God my grandson isn't.

Why can't people mind their own business? You can't always see a person's disability.

I hope the woman calls the Department of Motor Vehicles and finds out about my tag. She owes my grandson an apology. Don't worry about other people, just worry about yourself. It was a nice day and lunch until you came along and upset it.

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