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One solution to Amistad debacle

The article, "Amistad will be a no-show for Sailfest this weekend," (July 9), got my last nerve up and running. Blaming The Day's coverage for their difficulties is unfair; the newspaper has been careful in its reporting and has done a community service with this coverage. Could it be that Amistad America has developed a bunker mentality that is just one more example of how poorly it views its primary mission?

I fear that the ship, built with donations from many individuals and organizations, might be taken into receivership by one or more of its creditors.

Before that happens the state should instead take the ship and use the $400,000 allocation to pay its outstanding debts, and then transfer Amistad to an appropriate non-profit organization.

The New London Custom House Museum would be ideal. The pier behind the Custom House is named for the ship, and the Custom House was where the ship was brought. Full Disclosure: I have not any conversations with the board of the museum, and they might be horrified at the notion of having Amistad as one of their exhibits. However, I think many in the region would be more horrified at losing what is, in reality, the region's ship.

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