Rick's List: Queen edition

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By now, the reviews and posted online set lists of the Queen/Adam Lambert tour - which comes to the Mohegan Sun Arena on July 19 - confirm what I greatly feared: the show we'll see at the Sun will be significantly lacking in terms of the songs I particularly want to hear. This isn't a great surprise. Queen's musical style shifted quite a bit over the years, and the albums I love - the first three: "Queen," "Queen II" and "Sheer Heart Attack" - featured a band that fused dynamic hard rock with celestial harmonies, melodies and arrangements. The gradual shift to musical hall ditties, disco and over-stylized rockabilly all came later - along with, admittedly, multi-platinum success. I'm sure the Queen/Lambert production will be dazzling, but here are five tremendous Queen songs you won't hear - and which I believe are better than anything on the set list.

Give them a listen:

1. "Keep Yourself Alive"

2. "Ogre Battle"

3. "Nevermore"

4. "Stone Cold Crazy"

5. "Father to Son"


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