Who else collected big speaking fees?

I take issue with the column David Collins felt compelled to write, "Susan Herbst's $251,000 date with Hillary Clinton," (July 4). At one point in his "totally unbiased," or as Fox News would say, "fair and balanced" story, he cites that other politicians have received speaking fees ranging from $40,000 to $750,000 in comparison to Hillary Clinton's $251,000 for speaking at the University of Connecticut.

Depending on your political affiliation, you will either be up in arms about UConn paying that fee for a speaker or perhaps dig a bit deeper and see if any other political candidate has ever received equal or higher an amount for a speaking engagement. It's called facts.

However, The Day, in giving Mr. Collins an opportunity to sound off should have put his column on the "Op-ed page" considering he is not only reporting this story but voicing his own personal opinion. Just sayin'.

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