Lap dogs can lead to distracted driving

As the debate goes on about distracted drivers, I would like to address a seldom-expressed problem.

Many people may noticed at one or another a driver with a lap dog who at first glance seems to be driving the vehicle. If there ever was a distraction, I would put this one right along with texting while driving.

Do we have to wait for a serious situation before we addressed this problem. Imagine having a baby sitting on your lap while you are driving. Now picture a very cute but obnoxious pet who barely stays put outside of the car. Put him unrestrained in any car and you have a recipe for disaster

Besides getting underfoot between you and the pedals, what if the dog decided to jump out the window while the car was in motion? At the very least the pet will require attention from the driver more than once during the trip. If we are truly committed to ending distracted driving I think we should start with the obvious first.

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