Generous spending indeed at UConn

$251,000 from a state university for a speech! Who does this Hillary Clinton think she is, Ronald Reagan? You've got to have secret meetings with oligarchs, get your check and your marching orders, and then and only then, can you run for office in this country.

Susan Herbst, the latest to fly off of the college president's carrousel and land in Storrs, told the state last year that she needed more funding to hire more educators. This is like a CEO saying, "We've quadrupled the price of our widgets and doubled our sales, but we still can't make dollar one."

Tenured professor pulling down 200 large while grad students teach their courses. Tens of millions spent to rebuild brand new buildings. 64 percent of employees at Central Connecticut State University are not educators. A cool million plus spent renovating the presidents's mansion, but wifey was allergic to the place, so the state rented the homeless couple another mansion nearby. M. Jodi Rell and M. Lisa Moody using a UConn professor for their campaign.

John Rowland repaying favors with his legacy: UConn branch at Waterbury.

As for Clinton, has anyone ever seen her birth certificate?

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