Pot legalization will prove terrible error

The type of responsible reporting by Day Staff Writer Judy Benson on June 18, "Group urges wariness amid marijuana push: 'We need to stop this train'," is doing the country a big favor and may help wake up some of our politicians, attorneys general and judges before another public health crisis occurs like is happening in overgrown-pot Colorado.

Kevin Sabet, former senior drug policy officer to the White House, warned a large audience of professionals at Connecticut College that there is ample evidence from Colorado that legalization was a mistake ... and that Connecticut should take heed. There may be no stopping the momentum for legalizing pot and playing into the quest by "Big Marijuana" to reap big profits.

Mr. Sabet raises the legitimate question what are the citizens of Connecticut going to do about the Mexican and Central American billionaire business interests and the threat of legalization. He did not hesitate citing the permanent ill effects pot has on children, even edible pot candies.

This is troubling, but the political pressure is on for a "medicial pot" outlet store in Uncasville.

Mr. Sabet's SAM - smart approaches to marijuana - program with former U.S. Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy is going to need a lot of help.

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