Seaside project design should reflect its roots

As a long time Waterford resident I was flummoxed by the town's decision to lose control of the Seaside property due to lack of funds. Certainly the value of the property 25 years from now negates the immediate solution to sell the property for luxury living.

Let's consider Seaside's history. It was designed by Cass Gilbert, who designed the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., the Woolworth building in New York City and Union Station in New Haven.

It's purpose has been in health and healing. It has been one of Waterford's best contributions to humanity.

In the 1930s Seaside Sanitorium was a treatment center for children with tuberculosis. In the 1957 it was a home for the elderly. In 1960 it became Seaside Regional Center, a home for the physically and mentally challenged.

Clearly, the Seaside legacy is in health and healing. Why are we not investing in humanity by having the property be used by Hospice, the Veteran's Administration, or other health related area that benefits all people?

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