Hamas blocks hope for peaceful future

Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza, has from its very beginnings had as its primary goal the destruction of Israel. This is why this most recent series of missile and mortar fire across its international border with Israel does not surprise me. Nor does it surprise me that even though these missiles and mortars are indiscriminately aimed, while being launched from civilian sites such as private homes, Hamas continues to accuse Israel of being the aggressor in a battle Hamas started.

Let it be noted that since 2005 there have not been any Israelis in Gaza and that by leaving Gaza, Israel gave up all the territorial rights they acquired when they captured Gaza during the 1967 defensive war with Egypt. These actions by Hamas prove that it is more important for them to amass weapons to use against Israel, which has no interest in reconquering Gaza, than it is for them to govern themselves as most other nations govern themselves, and live in peace with their neighbors.

When the leaders of Hamas come to love their wives and children more than they hate Israel, then a real peace can be achieved and the people in Gaza can build better lives.

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