Day should have done more reporting

The Day paper may have been within its rights to publish the article, "Montville officials did not violate town ethics policies, outside law firm decides," (July 11), and include James Andriote Sr.'s slanderous opinion about an alleged relationship between Mayor McDaniel and the outside attorney hired to investigate Andriote's ethics complaint against the Town Council. But to do so without even giving Mayor McDaniel the opportunity to first respond was morally bankrupt.

I am utterly ashamed of The Day's editors for allowing that to occur; it smacks of incompetence. For the record, the attorney was hired on the recommendation of a fellow member of the Council of Governments to which all local mayors and first selectmen belong. Mayor McDaniel had no relationship of any kind with that attorney. Prior to the recommendation he had never met him and had never even spoken to him because he had never heard of the man before.

No relationship of any kind; whatsoever. For The Day to be so blatantly one-sided in its reporting is despicable. The Day owes Mayor McDaniel a public apology.

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