World has the ability to slow climate change

The international community of experts warn us of global warming. They point to solving the problem by building emission-free power plants consisting mainly of nuclear, solar and wind renewables, around the globe. France (75 percent nuclear with recycled fuel) and Germany, increasing renewables, are already there.

Incredible leaps in PV solar-tech plants have made them competitive with coal-plant power costs and 28 giga watts are expected online in the U.S. at year's end, while in China, 70 giga watts by 2016. There, 28 nuclear plants are under construction, only three in the U.S. after a 30-year moratorium.

Big Oil is run by CEOs that depend on science and engineering. They are not in denial. BP "beyond petroleum" has projected in 53 years oil will be gone. They manufacture PV solar cells. Exxon Mobil, Chevron and the rest are quietly planning ahead. One may buy Tesla and increase production.

Giant steps are being made in electric cars: charge in 26 minutes, range up to 300 miles. A new generation of batteries is in the wings. A carbon tax on gas will push the electric car and eliminate 30 percent of total emissions in the future.

All we need is ambitious goals, time and money.

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