Riverside investment will serve New London

I grew up in New London and attended public school there. I worked at The Day for 30 years. I own our family home on Bolles Avenue, living there my whole life. My backyard borders Riverside Park.

As a child I swam at the beach. My brother worked as a life guard and my mother was employed at the bath house. As I grew older, Riverside Park became neglected, overgrown and forgotten, no longer crowded by 7 a.m. with families holding tables for their afternoon picnics.

Finally, revitalization is taking place in Northeast New London, thanks to volunteers and private donors. The city should make up for years of indifference and pitch in as well.

The black, Hispanic, Haitian, white, and Native American members of my community all care about what happens to one another. We want to improve the quality of life here.

Riverside Park needs an entrance that directs walkers safely from Winthrop School into the park; the stairs should be as unique as the park, with landings and areas for the children to learn. Provide access to a clean waterfront and complete Emilie's Shady Spot with a retaining wall and plantings.

And that's just a start.

Please invest in the park, and the future of Northeast New London.

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