Why invest national treasure in Israel?

Apropos Mike Lukovich's political cartoon July 15; why do we keep giving so much taxpayer money to Israel? The Israelis are pretty well off with incomes like much of Europe. We need the money here for poverty, medical care, education, decaying infrastructure.

Since 1949, we have given, very conservatively, $130 billion to Israel. In 2008, Bush promised Israel $30 billion over 10 years. Aid to Israel is 50 percent of U.S. foreign aid. Most is hidden in the defense budget where it easily passes without debate. Remember, we must borrow $12 billion of the $30 billion, pay interest on it, and add it to our $17.6 trillion public debt as a burden for future generations to pay.

This amounts to $8.5 million per day to Israel and $500 per year for each citizen.

This is only direct aid. Think of the billions we lose each year in lost business because we blindly support Israel on the world scene.

Bruce Dasinger

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