Mideast retribution breeds moral blindness

Ghandi once said, "An eye for an eye, leads eventually to the whole world being blind."

We need to hear those words in our hearts and souls as the current crisis in Gaza and Israel unfolds. Both sides are suffering, both sides are living in fear, both sides yearn for peace. But peace can only come within the framework of justice.

We need a nonviolent, law-based solution to this conflict. This will necessitate that political, economic and security issues be addressed simultaneously for both sides.

The occupation of Palestine will have to end in order for there to be a permanent political solution in the region. The occupation has led to the erosion of the economic and social fabric of Palestinian society. But it can be restored to viability once basic human freedoms are restored. The two sides can, and must, work together.

Rami Elhanin, son of an Israeli general in the Six-Day War, and current Israeli citizen, has said, "If we don't solve these issues, we will eventually have an enormous pile of dead bodies and the only question will be which flag will be on top."

Peace is possible.

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