Cheney should take Putin shotgun hunting

It is difficult for me to imagine why the Sunday talking heads are interviewing the Cheney clan on the subject of foreign policy and military deployment. This is the guy who led us into Iraq on false information. Dick Cheney is the man, along with Donald Rumsfeld, who led the charge on waterboarding. We put Japanese soldiers to death for doing this during WWII.

To this day he has taken no responsibility for the thousands of Americans slaughtered by his decisions. He now spouts off on what we should do with Russian President Putin and the Ukraine. This is the guy who had five draft deferments during Vietnam but has no trouble sending the offspring of other people into war. Why does the press treat him as some authority on the way things should be done? He is one of the few people in the world who is both a draft dodger and a war criminal.

The only thing that he could do to help in Ukraine is take Putin hunting.

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