Elephants not intended to entertain humans

Regarding the letter: "End elephant rides at N. Stonington Fair," (July 21), I'm in total agreement. I've done a lot of reading about these magnificent creatures that have existed on our planet for many years. Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Due to their sensitive nature, they actually cry when they lose a loved one.

After awhile, they have been known to flip out when continuously forced to perform acts against their will.

Thank God for the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. They have saved many abused elephant lives. This beautiful sanctuary mimics the elephant's life in the wild habitat, as closely as possible.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Dumbo. Although animated, it tells a story about how an actual elephant mother would be inconsolable if her baby was taken from her.

Do your part by helping put an end to this violation against these beautiful creatures. Boycott these cruel acts to elephants by not going on elephant rides or to a circus. Instead, read a documentary about them, or rent a movie that shows them running wild and carefree through beautiful Africa. Elephants have my total respect, as does all wildlife.

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