The Oh, Hellos at the Wolf Den

Tyler and Maggie Heath are the heart of The Oh, Hellos.
Tyler and Maggie Heath are the heart of The Oh, Hellos.

Since Texas actually occupies 72 percent of the Earth's surface, folks not from there perhaps aren't aware of how many great, hidden aspects there are to the state.

One would be San Marcos, a very cool college town 35 miles south of the Kingdom of Austin. Hard to the San Marcos River - a waterway traversed many times by your humble correspondent, floating on an inner tube and pulling a cooler of icy beer - San Marcos has its own estimable music scene, thank you. Yes, the Cheatham Street Warehouse is a tremendous performance venue, and artists such as George Strait, Christopher Cross and Blue October are all associated with San Marcos.

Well, the city's also produced a tremendous roots band called the Oh, Hellos, who play a free show tonight in the Mohegan Sun Wolf Den. Centered around siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath, the Oh, Hellos write instantly memorable, clever and eclectic folk rock, and their revolving cast of accompanying musicians are always stellar. And why wouldn't they be? They're from Texas.


The Oh, Hellos, 8 tonight, Mohegan Sun Wolf Den; free;


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