Doubletalk from NL on superintendent process

Special Master Dr. Adamowski's statements in "Incoming ... superintendent's references to Ph.D. at issue" indicate that he understands the seriousness of misrepresenting academic credentials:

"(Carter) was absolutely clear that he had finished the doctorate work at Lesley (University, in Massachusetts) in May and he would be conferred in August,' ... 'I can tell you that throughout the interview process, there was nothing fraudulent. ... All his degrees were verified. ... if there was any mistake, it may have been a failure to correct it.'"

If Carter was clear about not having a doctorate, why did Adamowski himself and the district misrepresent Carter's credentials? The district's own press release announcing the board's appointment of Carter as the new superintendent stated: "Dr. Carter, 49, holds ... a Ph.D." Special Master Steven Adamowski said, "Dr. Carter has devoted his career to providing high performing, rigorous schools for urban children."

The press release uses "Dr. Carter" 18 times.

Aside from the question of whether Carter misrepresented his credentials, his "failure to correct" others' misleading use of "Dr." and "Ph.D." for five years, in my opinion, shows a casual regard for truth. The board should re-evaluate.

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