Rick's List: Commuter edition

Rick Koster offers weekly lists of ideas, notions and things that must be seen to be believed.

Today we get all New London-centric and demonstrate why my drive home from work compares with any hellish commutes you'd find in Houston or Los Angeles.

1. Exit the Water Street Garage and wait 17 minutes for the light to turn left on Governor Winthrop.

2. Go 40 yards up a hill and wait 17 minutes for the light to turn left on Eugene O'Neill Drive.

3. Stay left to turn left on Tilley Street, knowing in advance someone in the right-only lane will wait until the last 20 feet to swerve in front of you.

4. On Bank Street, we now have two left-turn lanes onto Howard. Guaranteed: at least one cretin in the left left-turn lane will swing wide into the right lane of Howard.

5. Just before the first roundabout, the left lane suddenly becomes, without any warning, a must-turn-left lane. Which is understandable, because that's the direction you go to enjoy the French Quarter/Disneyland style neighborhood engineered by the New London Development Corporation after eminent domain. If you're not going that way, though, you - Aargh! - dart to the right in full collision mode.

6. Coming out of the second roundabout, 4,000 EB employees are parked on Pequot, meaning drivers headed toward the Sixth District have to steer over the median line into oncoming traffic.

7. Late-breaking bonus fun! The city has erected a stop sign at Pequot and Keene, which is brilliant because Keene is a tiny dead-end street with about five residents.


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