Former board member says restart the search

As I prepare for tomorrow's lesson with my 8th grade summer school class, I become more and more concerned with the past few days of talk about the appointment of New London's next superintendent. I served 10 years as a member of New London's school board. I was part of two hiring committees. The board hires search consultants for a reason, to bring to the board highly qualified candidates. The board and it's search committee depend on this search firm for honest and open communication.

This did not happen on this recent search.

This search was crucial for New London and mainly for our children. It was botched. We have the most amazing teachers, children, administrators and citizens. New London deserves so much better.

It is not a time to point fingers, but a time to question why. Why do these type of things happen to us? It's just not fair. Having served on the school board, my advice is to appoint an interim superintendent and begin the search again. The children of New London deserve only the best. They deserve an honest compassionate leader to move our great green and gold New London school district forward.

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