Plenty of questions to answer about Carter

How did Dr. Terrence P. Carter get so far in the recruiting/screening/selection process without rigorous questioning? The Hartford Courant has raised important questions. Led by school board President Peg Curtin, school board members and the search firm, these questions should have been answered well before final stages of contract negotiation.

Several critical questions remain:

Does Carter clearly meet Connecticut's mandate for classroom teaching experience? State Commissioner of Education Stefan Pryor must be involved in confirming.

Carter's resume from Rutgers University claims minors in education, which weren't offered when he attended. Ask Rutgers for confirmation.

Are Carter's claimed Ph.D.'s real, or just from flaky schools?

To what extent was Dr. (?) Carter accountable for "turnaround results" claimed for "Academy For Urban School Leadership"?

Was he an "innovator and change maker" or "administrator and cheerleader?" References must be checked and cross-verified.

Carter's behavior patterns mandate professional review by an evaluation specialist, standard in high-level executive hiring.

Our two most recent superintendents worked tirelessly to begin the turnaround of New London's historically dysfunctional school system. Dr. Nick Fischer has overseen major recent improvements, capped by winning a national award. New London must maintain this progress.

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