Book-signing shows ethical rules lacking

The July 20 front page of The Day pictured Hillary Clinton at a book signing, accompanied by Connecticut Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal. The purpose of the event, as reported by The Day, was to sell Mrs. Clinton's book. Although the senators likely violated no specific law as members of the legislative branch, had they been executive branch members, they would have been in direct violation of U.S. Government Executive Orders 12674 and 12731 (codified in 5 CFR 2635), for violating Standards of Ethical Conduct.

In short, under Sub-part G of the executive orders, executive branch members may not use their "official positions for the private gain of friends, relatives, or persons with whom they are affiliated in a non-governmental capacity, or for the endorsement of any product, service, or enterprise."

The current sitting senators' presence created a perception of impropriety and lack of good judgment because they undoubtedly contributed to the financial benefit of Mrs. Clinton with their presence, statements about Mrs. Clinton, and public positions.

We should demand that the executive, judicial and legislative branch members all follow the same ethical code of conduct. A level playing field promotes good government and encourages the people's trust in the actions of our elected officials.

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