David Collins' criticism of Rep. Urban unfair

Although David Collins' column is often right on in his investigative opinions, his July 23, "Malloy-Jepsen vs. Amistad pirates: The pirates are winning," appears to use negative, broad strokes concerning the efforts by members of our government to hold accountable Amistad's leadership.

In particular, Collins' chastising Rep. Diana Urban for holding an olive branch to the Amistad folks for their overture in making an initial small payment to one of their creditors, is to bite the hand that is guiding action. Rep. Urban has singlehandedly pursued Amistad America's fiscal responsibilities publicly and privately, and has urged state government to act, writing a letter, supported by 23 of our legislators, calling for a plan to be put in place to require Amistad to pay bills owed to small businesses.

Rather than besmirch these efforts, give strong credit to a representative who stands strongly for the rights of small business persons.

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