Faulty pump shuts down Millstone's Unit 2 reactor Saturday

Waterford - The Unit 2 reactor at the Millstone Power Station shut down Saturday afternoon for the fourth time this year because of a problem with a water pump.

The shutdown occurred after a backup pump that recirculates water failed during routine testing, plant spokesman Ken Holt said Monday.

“Our initial troubleshooting couldn’t identify the cause, so we took the unit off line,” he said. The pump sends water to cool the turbine generators if the main pump is not working, he said. Testing is still going on and the unit will be restarted once repairs are complete, he said.

Unit 3, the other working plant at the nuclear power station, was not affected.

Unit 2 has been shut down twice this year due to equipment problems, and a third time in May because of a loss of offsite power from Northeast Utilities. Unit 3 was also shut down during the May outage.


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