New London's powerful families must unite and act

In following the debacle that is New London public education and governance, one calls to mind the gods of mythology who could only be destroyed by their own hand. Whaler Nation is its own worst enemy. Right now smart minds are regretting not hiring and promoting Richard Foye and Louis Allen to do what they were born to do - lead NLPS to excellence.

Those same minds must now regret driving a public servant who bleeds green and gold to exile - Michael Buscetto. The great families and their allies of New London - Martin, Soto, Hyslop, Satti, Tranchida, Valdez, Videll, Major and others too numerous to name - must bond and act to drive out those who subvert all that is an honored past.

Gov. Malloy, Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor and his special master appointee are enemies without. Those who pandered to them are enemies within. A local press and former associated editors and journalists who attempted to sell you on a news week award of "nice work for who you are" are your gravest enemies.

When the Hartford Courant drives disclosure of what this writer and others have warned of for over a year, one knows there is no truth concerning New London published until it is forced to be written.

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