20th District voters should select Satti for Senate

As the former mayor of the City of Groton, I understand the importance of working together as a team to achieve a goal. Over the years I had the good fortune to interact with Bill Satti both professionally and politically. On city issues, Bill proved himself time and again to be a great communicator and team player. Politically, Bill Satti showed what a true Democratic leader he is by working for the betterment of all Democrats whether on the state or local level.

When I look at the leadership he showed in bringing all of southeastern Connecticut Democrats together to work on a common cause, the election of Dannel Malloy and Nancy Wyman in 2010, I applaud his tireless efforts on behalf of the party and the state. I know he will make an outstanding state senator for the 20th District. If I lived in the 20th, I would vote for him.

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