Time to get serious about highway litter

I want to comment on the letter, "Pitch in to gather trash tossed on the roadside," (July 22), regarding the trash on the roadways. It seems that no one today has any regard for the environment when it comes to throwing their trash out of their car windows and on the ground.

Take a ride on just about any on ramp to Interstate 95, or any road for that matter, and take a look at the litter covering the ground. It appears that people are just too lazy to get out of the car and throw it in a receptacle that can be found at any gas station. I think the fine needs to be raised and also people need to report it when they see someone throwing trash out of their windows.

By the way, since Route 184 has been closed for the bridge being repaired, I have less trash on my lawn because the traffic on their way to the casino uses Exit 92 instead of 93 now. What does that tell you?

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